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show predicate values in explain plan

Is there a way within TOAD, that when using the built-in explain plan, one can see the predicate values also? This would be similar to running sqlplus with “set autotrace traceonly explain”



FYI, I just found the setting for the adjust contents and selected the Filter Predicates and Acces Predicates check boxes, but still no predicate data,

I guess you discovered that you can rt-click on the explain plan display and choose “adjust content”. For “Access Predicates” and “Filter Predicates”, did you check both “Visible” and “as column”? If not, try that. You may need to re-execute the explain plan.

Also, you might want to take a look at rt-click in the explain plan display and choose “Display mode” -> DBMS_XPlan. Then you can rt-click again and choose “DBMS XPlan Format” to adjust what you see in that view. It shows some things that aren’t available in the other formats.

Is there a way to add to the DBMS XPlan Format the actual values to the estimated values?

To make it show actual values, right-click in the explain plan window, and choose “Use cached plan if possible”. This will cause Toad to look in v$sql_plan for an explain plan on the current statement. Just above the plan window, it will say either “cached explain plan” or “New explain plan”. “cached” means it found some actual values. “New” means it had to estimate. If you just run the query before you try to explain it, it should always say “cached” (if the option is checked).

Also see end of this blog for more info and examples: