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Table Notes/Comments displayed in Entity


I am a new TDM user, and have a question…

Many of the ER diagrams that I have are reversed engineered from an existing system. Most of the table names are cryptic…for example “dim5”. I want to be able to add descriptive names to the entity so I can quickly tell what “dim5” is…ex(dim5 = Customer Dim). I can add notes to the entity and I downloaded the macro that will show them on the diagram, but they display as a separate box attached to the entity. This seems to just further add complications to an already crowded diagram.

Is there a way to have the notes displayed as part of the entity? For example, perhaps at the bottom of the entity box.



Hello Eric,

I think you could use a captions for this purpose. The caption is designed to contains logical information while the name is designed to store “physical” name. You can switch between captions and names of object names on ERD via display mode (select the display mode on the toolbar Display or in the menu View | Display mode).

But at first you have to turn off automatic synchronization between caption and name. Go to the menu Tools, select Naming Convention | Settings, create a new naming convention, confirm it, uncheck the option “Automatic Synchornization” and click OK. Now you can change the captions and names stay unchanged. Another way is export the model to Excel or CSV (menu File | Export), change only the captions of selected entities and import it back to your model.




Thanks Dave. This worked perfectly.