Show/unshow schema name in ALTER script

Add columns|Show SQL and Alter selected Table|Show SQL always include schema name however Schema name is off at SB|Tables RHS|Script|Options. I don’t know this option should be control this feature (to include schema name or not) but I always have to delete the schema name manually in my script. Can you provide a solution for it, please? Thank you.

This is the same with Create Constraint|Show SQL, the statement also contains the schema name.

For constraints the statement termination (:wink: is missing from the last line. I think this was an issue also in 12.6 and 12.7.

The script options are only intended to control the options on the script tab.

I will add the semicolon to the create constraint dialog.

I am hesitant to add an option to include/exclude the schema name in the “show sql” output of the create/alter dialogs. And I think if I used the one on the script tab, most people wouldn’t realize it. One option would be to automatically exclude the schema name if it matches the login name, but I think that will just cause some user to eventually ask me to add the schema name back in.

Right now, if you clear the schema name in the create/alter dialog, you’ll either get a “schema name required” prompt, or you’ll get a statement with a missing schema (such as “alter table .table_name add constraint…”). But I would be OK with making a change such that if you leave the schema name blank, Toad will produce a valid statement without the schema name.


Your change should be OK if you go from SB LHS|Alter selected Tables or Create Table. But I’ve added the columns from SB RHS|Columns|+ sign on toolbar, where doesn’t exist a schema name drop-down. Don’t you think a global option would be more consistent to solve this referenced schema name in create/alter statements?

The reason I asked this modification is the schema names are usually differ in the dev and prod databases. If I create an installation script during the development cycle for the prod database I have to manually erase the schema name from the generated statements.


I’m just afraid that such an option is going to cause problems for some people (forgetting that the “exclude schema” option is enabled, and not noticing it in the script).

Maybe a dropdown on the “show sql” button would be better. The button would continue to work as it does now, but a dropdown on that button would have a “show SQL without schema” menu item.

That’s will be a great option for me. Thanks your solution.

Done for next beta. It should be in all of the schema-related create/alter dialogs.


This feature has disappeared in the latest beta. Would you be so kind as to check it? Thank you.

I got some complaints about how it looked. Right-click on the show sql button.

Oh, I got it. Thank you.

I was just about to make a new post when I stumbled across this old thread here. :slight_smile:

This option is definitely too well hidden behind a right click :wink: It's just too rare that you can right click a button.
My suggestion would be a checkbox to the right of the button: ☑️ Show SQL without schema

TOAD could remember the setting of this checkbox and you would always see if the function is enabled / disabled.