Toad Data Point Reports

From this demo:

I am wondering if it possible to combine reports from multiple queries on to a single page. For example, towards the end of the demo, you have reports for Top Movie, Actor, Director, Distributor. How can I display the graphs and chart for these reports on a single page, say 11x17 size?

Use subreports. You will find this container type on the left hand side. With this type of container you can add any object form any query. You can have as many of these as will fit on the page. I attached a sample report where I have two graphs per page using different queries.

In the designer is looks like this. When you double click on the subreport you can design it.

But I think I see a bug in using this feature in TDP 3.4. i entered QAt-1581. The double click wasn't working for me to open into the designer. it works in earlier versions.

Thank you Debbie. This is very helpful. Toad Data Reports is quite intimidating with its vast functionality.

How do i increase the width of the report? I’ve selected landscape but i would like to make it wider, the report will be in excel when finished.

thank you for any help!

I am not sure if it helps but try the following.

Go to the Preview tab and select Page Setup and setup the required paper size.