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Slow SQL database


We have a third party application which uses SQL 2012 server express and it does not perform.


Around 50 concurrent users login to remote desktop server and from start up the third party client. The client access the main third party software on the server which is using SQL Express 2012.


Database is sending data at 100Mb/s, but also very often in the evening when nobody is working with the application. Further application gets timeout messages and trying to search in the database from client takes up to 15 seconden to get result.


HP DL360 gen9, 5x 1TB RAID, enough memory and CPU.

Is there anyone who can us help with this issue? We want to pay for good help.



via a Windows 2012 RDP login server and a Windows 2012 server with third party server software and SQL

Being that you posted a month ago this may be too late for you to notice, but being that this is Express have you tried manually updating the table statistics and rebuilding the indexes?