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Slow query with many attributes

Hello I have a question I have some tables containing many attributes (columns) when hitting a select * … the response is very slow like 25 seconds, note only a few records is returned like 5 or so.
when doing a select columname …form the same table it takes only 10 milliseconds.

Is this normal ? can I disable some function to get a better performance ?


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Can you let me know how your query exactly looks like?
Do you think toad causes performance slowdowns?

Well it is a very simple query “select * from table_A”
it returns only 5 rows but has a lot of columns(attributes) eg like 100
This query take about 25 seconds.

If I run the same query in SQL management studio It takes only 15 milliseconds

If a run “select column1 from table_A” it takes only 10 milliseconds in Toad.

It seems like the large amount of columns is causing the slowdown?