Small bug, found in

Just tried to do a data compare over a DB link.

The remote database sent back an ORA-28011 warning that the account will expire
soon, and the password should be changed.

This raised a fatal error in Toad. We’re using an 11.1 database, 11.1 client.

I know that issue was fixed in Toad login handling some time ago, looks like the
same logic may need to be included in handling DB links.

I’ll get the password changed, of course. (I wish all work arounds were that

I don’t have Toad 10.6 or the beta, so I can’t test it there. But I wanted to
let people know about it in case it hasn’t been reported/resolved.

– jim

James F. Hudson

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Madison, WI

(608) 267-0840

I don’t think I ever replied to this. Looks like Toad 11 will handle this.