Small Issue with Alter Table Wizard

@JohnDorlon - This issue has been around for several years and I keep meaning to mention it, but never got around to it as it is small, but annoying.

Pull up a table with 50 or more columns in the Alter Table wizard. It has to be more than will fit on a screen so you have to scroll to see the last ones. Scroll down a page or 2 worth of columns in the Column Definition window, then try to click the 'Not Null' checkbox. The screen will refresh and you will find you edited the column that you would have clicked on if you never scrolled down. It is like the GUI does not realize you ever hit the scroll bar. This happens regardless of what you attempt to edit on the screen (Name, Size, PK...) but only happens the first time you click to edit something. After you clicked once, you can scroll and click other items with no issue. It seems like something is not getting initialized correctly when you first enter the Column Definition screen.

Hi Michael,

I see that, thanks. It will be fixed in the next beta.

I think you've figured this out too, but you can work around it like this:

  • Open the alter table window
  • Click in the grid on any column (it doesn't have to be an edit attempt)
  • scroll down
  • make your edits