TOAD 16.3 Killed after alter table

Toad for Oracle Base (64-bit) : (idem in 16.2)

With the schema browser, I want to alter a table : (with 230 columns) :

clic on table, Alter => Toad killed !
(Loading constraint to GUI...150 of 230, out of system ressource)

With a table with less columns it’s OK.

So, you don't just have 230 columns, you have 230 constraints also?

I create a new table with 230 columns without constraint, on SYSTEM schema, it's the same, TOAD killed after Alter.

I can reproduce it if there are a lot of constraints (NOT NULL counts as a constraint).

I can load a table with 1000 columns without any problems if there are no constraints.

Thanks for reporting it. I'll investigate.

This will be fixed in the next beta.