Small Schema Browser LHS Display Issue with Sequences

I was just adding the Team Coding Status column to the Sequence tab as I have done to many other, but noticed the Icon is missing from the field for Sequences as shown below:


With all other tabs I have setup, I am able to set them up to show just the Icon as below:


Very please with the new default font choices in 16.2 and the quick fix on the Team Coding Global Filters, though have not gone back in to verify that yet. Your team is extremely responsive and I really appreciate that.

BTW, on the RHS the Team Coding Status does include the icon at the beginning:


Hi Michael,

Oh, I think that's because there is no "Img" column on the sequences display so it's not hooked up to the image list. I'll fix that soon.

I like the new fonts too. They make 16.1 look old. :joy:



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