Schema Browser Enhancement Request related to Team Coding

Currently in the SB LHS you can add the column named Team Coding Status which has the text description of the current TC Status for each record as shown below:

This is useful but takes up much more space than is really needed as TAOD already has icons to represent each state in Team Coding that appear in the Team Coding Manager window. Would it be possible to create a additional column that could be added to the SB LHS called "TCS" which would display the Team Coding Status icons? This would allow users to position this column before the object name to minimize the need for scrolling.

I have a suboptimal workaround, but it requires manually resizing the columns and minimizing the Team Coding Status Col to just show the first letter as shown below:


@JohnDorlon - Let me know what you think.

Too late for 16.0, but not a bad idea. I logged it so I don't forget.

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