Snowflake schemas in Object Explorer

Is there a way to show schemas in the object browser?
Right now, I see the databases then tables, but I don't see schemas.

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You should be able to see the schema name associated with your tables in the Object Explorer, per snap below...

Thank you for the response. I do see that, but is there a way to show the unique list of schemas then expand the ones I'm interested in? I'm working on a database that has thousands of tables and it's not easy to navigate this way.

Toad for Oracle does that perfectly.

Agree that Toad for Oracle does that nicely in that the Schema Browser has this built-in.

It would be nice to add an extra column to TDP's Object Explorer to indicate Schema name for SnowFlake tables, as can be done for some other data sources like SQL Server (e.g. right-click column header in Object Explorer and choose Options->Extra Columns).

However, I have an idea for a work-around involving filters that you might like. Simply define filter/s that only display objects with the desired schema name. See snaps below on how to do it. Hope this helps.

Which version of tdp do you use?

Hi, we are expanding our usage of Snowflake and many of our users want to keep using TDP. We have tested in 6.0.5 and I do not see a way in the options to add 'schemas' to Object Explorer. I see this option for SQL Server for instance.
Is there already a feature request for this?
If there isn't, can we enter one?

Thank you!

Can anyone comment on Snowflake Schemas being properly detected and included as tab in Object Explorer?

Hi Roland,

We have captured this new change for Toad Data Point and are looking at updating this in our first release of 2023. I do not have an exact timeframe yet.

Thank you for the update!