Show only selected schemas in Object Explorer

I want to change which schemas show up in Object Explorer. I have hundreds of schemas in my dropdown list but I only want to see a few of them so I don't have to scroll through all of the schemas. Thanks!

That doc is talking about Toad for Oracle.

Your version number - 5.3, is not a Toad for Oracle version number. I'm guessing you have a different Toad product like Toad Edge or Toad Data Point. Those have their own forums. (I'd answer you if I knew the answer, but I don't)

Thank you. I'll change the tag to Toad datapoint for oracle.

Hey Jessie, welcome to the Toad Data Point community!

Have you tried to create your own filters? That is, TDP is pretty flexible in allowing you to define filters that show just the databases/schemas/users, etc. that you need in the Object Explorer. See snap below for some guidance.