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Other Schemas listed in schema browser.

toad version : 9.7

When taking schema browser , It is showing all other schemas.

My current schema doesn’t have privilege to view other schema objects. So it is not showing objects.

But SCHEMA DROP-DOWN showing all other schemas.

Can we avoid displaying other schemas in toad?

Go to main Toad options window.

On the left, select Schema Browser -> Data.

On the right, where it says “User/Schema lists”, set it to “only show users that own objects”.

That might not eliminate all of them, but it should help.

It works.

As you said , It doesn’t eliminate all. But user schemas disappeared .

Thank you.

If you upgrade to at least Toad 12.1, you’ll be able to customize the schema dropdowns to show/hide whatever you want, and you’ll be able to categorize what is shown