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Sorting Multiple Fields

Does TDP give an option to sort on more than just one result field? If so, can you explain how this is done? I understand we can use ORDER BY in our SQL, but sometimes we need a quick and easy way to do multiple sorts, so I wanted to see if this was an option available.


Chad King

To Chad.King:

Thank you for posting in Toad World. I regret that there is no current method of sorting a result set without re-executing a SQL.

However, you can use the Filter Data button to quickly order the entire table through re-execution through the Data Viewer!

How to quickly Order By an entire table in the Data Viewer.

  1. Select your desired connection.
  2. In the "Object Explorer" (View -> Object Explorer), select your desired Table.
  3. Click the data tab, then the filter button, then the "order by" tab.(Pictured)

-Joshua Liong