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Treelist view sorting on more than one column

I'm a big fan of the treelist view for database objects. But Toad's treelist for tables has an annoying bug when viewing tables sorted by their schema. If I sort by schema, there is apparently no second sort level. I would expect that Toad sorted alphabetically by table name after the schema name – but this is clearly not how it works (see the attached picture).

The same problem exists when viewing stored procedures – on the other hand, it seems that Toad sorts the views nicely after schema + view name.

An option to have the schema work as a node in the treelist could be nice – but first of all I think Toad should always use the object name as a second level sort key when the user sorts by something else (e.g. the schema).

(Toad 5.6 Trial on Windows 2008 R2 / SQL Server 2008)

Hello, Jens!

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