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Sorting your Workspaces


On of my favorite features of Toad is that I can save WorkSpaces - all of my queries and connections for each project I’m working on. (My second favorite is automation which is phenomenal)

Is there a way to sort the list of Workspaces?

I only see “Save current Workspace” and “Remove Workspace”

It would be helpful if I could sort them so I can find something easier.

Another good option might be a rename without saving under a different name and then deleting the bad one.

Sort "Workspace" list alphabetically

Hi DeWitte,

Starting with Thursday’s beta, Workspaces will be sorted alphabetically by default. In addition, you’ll be able to rename existing workspaces by clicking the “Rename Workspace” toolbutton (you may need to reset that toolbar to see the new button, or you can add the button manually). You can also turn off sorting by going to Options -> Toolbar/Menus -> Toolbar -> Display -> Sort workspaces alphabetically.

Please feel free to let me know if that will work for what you need, or if there’s anything else we can do.




Thank you. Sounds good, I look forward to seeing it.