Workspaces - ordering/organizing

I have alot of workspaces in my project.

As I add them the order is in the order they were added. This makes organization difficult.

Is there any way to move a workspace up or down in the list?
Or to alphabitize it, add subfolder, or any means of organization?

I name them like so:
Personal - Clients
Personal - Prospects
Marketing - Prospects
Accounting - Registrations
Marketing - Registrations

as you can see if I come up with another workspace in a category I already worked on, I’d like them to be together. i.e have all my marketing workspaces one after another.

If there is no feature to accomplish this, is there a way to request it?

I assume you’re talking about the Model Explorer. If you right-click the WorkSpaces folder, you’ll see “Sort Alphabetically” listed. I’m using the beta version, but I don’t think that’s a new feature.

If you’re talking about the tabs across the top the the Workspace screen, you can right-click those and move them left or right.

Nuh uh. I was talking about “Application View” which appears at the bottom left of the screen under the model explorer. However, Since I can open them from model exploreer and didn’t realize that, and they are sortable there, it is good enough for me. Thanks.


Let me encourage you to watch the Getting Started flash movies + others. They will explain you a lot.
TDM3 layout:
Sort them by Title-Ascending order.