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Source of Connection credentials

When Data Point connects to SharePoint does it use the credentials from the connection, or, does it use the credentials from the computer logon?

We need to use a generic SharePoint login with credentials that are different from the computer logon. It doesn’t seem to work.

TDP uses the credential information defined in the connection properties dialog for the SharePoint connection.

Here’s the section of how to make SharePoint connection in Toad help file. Hope it helps.

To create a SharePoint connection

  1. Click on the Connections toolbar (ALT+F+N).
  2. Select SharePoint from the Group list.
  3. Enter the connection information in the Create New Connection dialog. Review the following for additional information:

Enter the full URL address to the SharePoint OData service endpoint for the SharePoint site to which you want to connect.

The URL address should have the following format:


Enter your Windows user name to use when connecting to this SharePoint site.
Enter the password to use when connecting.

Tip: After connecting, you can set a master password to further secure your connection in Tools | Options| Environment | Security.

(Optional) Select an existing category or create a new one. See Set Connection Categories for more information.
Note: In NoSQL and Business Intelligence connections, Toad automatically saves the password in the connections.xml file as obfuscated text, as well as in Toad. To add additional password security, use Toad’s Master Password feature. See Security Options for more information.

  1. Click Connect to connect immediately while saving the connection information. Optionally, click Save to save the connection without connecting.
  2. Upon creating an initial connection, Toad automatically maps the data source objects. This process runs in the background, and until it is finished, you may experience a delay when attempting to access these objects.
  • Connections are stored in the connections.xml file and can be found by clicking the Application Data Directory link in Help | About.
  • You can specify a proxy server to use for Business Intelligence and NoSQL connections at Tools | Options | Database | Data Services.