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Unable to create Sharepoint Connection

Up until today, I had sharepoint connections created that were working. Today, they were unable to connect. When I attempted to load properties, i received the following error "There was a connect error:

I thought this was odd, as i wasn't even connecting to it, just trying to look up the properties. I wound up just deleting the connections and trying to create a new sharepoint connection. When I choose create new connection and select sharepoint from the group, TOAD hangs for a few minutes, and I receive the same error as above. This is also disconcerting, as I'm not even trying to connect to anything, merely add a new connection. I never get to the prompt where I can add the sharepoint url or connection string.

I checked my connections.xml to see if there may have been some issues there, but there are no defined sharepoint connections listed.

I get straight to a connection properties window for any of the relational data sources, but receive this error when attempting any of the Business Intelligence data sources. Is there possibly a config file thats been corrupted?

Any thoughts?


Are you using same version of Toad (before problems, after then)?

Configuration data are located under: %APPDATA%\Quest Software\Toad Data Point 4.0

You can try reinstalling it - backup config before.

Try connecting to local storage. I suspect the issue is there.

Also, turn on logging by running TDP with this additional command line arg.

Toad.exe /log=all

Then try to start local storage. After producing then go to your Toad App Data Dir (link in about box) and get the Toad.log file. Attach to this post