TDP 3.7 Connect to Sharepoint - receiving error mesage

I created a Sharepoint connection to my Office 365 Sharepoint site. I enter all of the correct credentials, but I get an error message saying Toad can’t connect. It mentions adding /vti_bin/listdata.svc to the URL, or that my username and password are incorrect, or that I do not have permission. I am a full user on the site. Is there something that had to be setup by the sharepoint admin, or can TDP not connect to Office 365 Sharepoint?

Can you open a support case ticket? We can help you there.

Where do I go to open the ticket?

Under the HELP menu item there is a Product Support link.


I set up an OData source in SSIS and was able to connect to our SharePoint site in VS, but I am still not able to connect in TDP 3.7. I have installed 4.3, and will attempt to connect here. I did have to install come component on the client machine to connect in SSIS, so is there something I am missing when trying TDP? I appended _vti_bin/ListData.svc to the URL in Toad.

No extra components are needed