Toad Formatter constantly adding space after functions' opening parenthesis

Hi Gurus.

I did setup properly my formatter plus options not to have spaces added after opening parenthesis, but Toad keeps on adding one!

See what I was expecting:


And here is what I actually get:


And here is my parenthesis setup (Compact) from formatter's options:

However, this last setting does not seem to apply properly.

Do any of you have same issue? How did you resolve it?

Thank you.

I do not understand if this is answered or not (according your thanks) , but elementary question is as always in such situations:

Which Toad version are you using?


Hi Damir, this was actually a question why I can’t get the desired result.

The Thank you was just for anyone reading this and wishing to help :slight_smile:

My Toad version is Toad for Oracle

Hi esou,

Have you tried exiting TOAD and temporarily renaming your Formatter options file, which can be located at:

c:\users<username>\AppData\Roaming\Quest Software\Toad for Oracle\12.1\User Files\FmtPlus.opt

This should reset it back to its defaults. If this fixes the problem, then there’s probably something set outside of the Parentheses setting that’s causing this issue (perhaps somewhere in the “List Arrangements” section). I’ve been trying to replicate your issue using my local copy of 12.1, but I haven’t been able to achieve the same results yet.


Hi John.

OK I did manage to renegarate a default FmtPlus.opt.

This is now fixing the issue and respecting the change I did set.

I will try to start from this new version to regenerage a custom one for my company to standardise the styles.

Thanks, I will keep you updated if once I did complete all rules, problem is fully resolved.

Thanks guys, I did start again from an empty initial setup file and it’s now all working fine.

I guess my previous setting file done in an earlier version did damage the 12.1 Formatter.