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Special characters in the Exported dataset

I’ve a table in which a column contains procedure calls separated with semicolon and new lines. If I export this dataset as INSERT statement and try to load into an other DB then I get error ORA-01756 and SP2-0734. This is the same issue as it is described at .

Is there any option to configure the Export dataset function to generate INSERT statements with q’ operator or an other sqlterminator?

This script works fine in Toad. The fact that it fails in SQLPlus is a SQLPlus bug. To answer your question though, no, the statement terminator is not configurable and q’ operator is not an option in creation of insert statements in Toad.

A faster way to copy data from one DB to another is to rt-click the table in the Schema Browser and then choose “Copy data to another schema”. You will find it works MUCH faster than a script full of insert statements. Faster still is export/import or data pump, but these are a little bit more effort to set up, so I only bother with these methods for much larger tables.