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Speed up autocomplete

I just started at a new company using toad after using SQLDBX for years. The auto complete seems to be clunky and slow. it takes a good 10/20 seconds of not typing for it to suggest column names. I am used to SQLDBX where it is almost instant as you type. Is there any way to tell toad to pre-fetch the schema structure in order to speed this up?

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Options|Editor|Code Assist

You’ll see several options in there. Enable caching of code insight objects.
This speeds up subsequent fetches, but the list will only update under special
circumstances after the initial fetch. This is useful if your objects remain
fairly static. Also, see the check list box where you can enable options to
show. Uncheck any you are uninterested in. Public synonyms are a performance
killer. Other than that the only delay is in the time it takes to execute the
queries to populate the list. Gather stats and perform other DB tuning necessary
to improve the execution time of those queries.