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SQL 2008 Express SSIS DTS

We have a software that runs on SQL 2008 express and of course it does not come with management tools. It’s function is to log students lab attendance when they log into a workstations. I need to set up a daily export of these records. This script is to run daily by selecting tblVisists comparing the current date and the extracted records will be created in MyDocumenst (Daily_Extracts). I used the Toad export wizard and save the script but how do I import that to run on a daily basis?

This is currently working on our SQL 2003 Express via a DTS package.

I have installed the management tools from SQL 2008 R2 to take advantage of the SSIS package but I keep running into permission problem with the SQL Agent.


Have you look at automation feature in Toad?
It is available in Tools>Automation.