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SQL Anywhere Error -143: Column '@@pagesize' not found

Does someone know the reason of this error when I try to connect to a Sybase DB?
Thanks in advance.

Hello melc,

This happens when you try to connect to SQL Anywhere or IQ using the ASE connection provider. What type and version of Sybase server are you trying to connect to?

In TDA 3.0 you can connect to Sybase IQ and SQL Anywhere. We have added these connection types. If you get a chance please download our beta and try them out.

If you need to stick with Sybase IQ or SQL Anywhere in TDA 2.7, try creating an ODBC connection. (Use ODBC type)


Hi Debbie,
You are right. It works with TDA 3.0.
Moreover, I did not succeed to find any ODBC 3.0 compliant driver.
Thanks for your message.

Sybase does not typically allow you to download drivers unless you have purchased the software.

However, in the last couple of months the SQL Anywhere team made the client available to the public and can be downloaded from here:

The SQL Anywhere drivers are backwards compatible with all versions of SQL Anywhere and IQ.

Hello all,

I have Sybase IQ 12.7 drivers install package, in case anybody needs them, I’ll be glad to share.

Best regards,