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Enhancements for TDA


Good day, people :slight_smile:

Just wanted to ask if there is a possibility that future versions of TDA will include native support for Sybase IQ Databases???

I have been using TDA and I think its the best software for working with multi-vendor Databases. I have Oracle 9i, MySQL 5.1, Sybase ASE 15.0 and Sybase IQ 12.0 Databases, and its great to connect to all of them without using ODBC (except, of course, for Sybase IQ)

Hope Sybase IQ will be in future TDA releases.

Best regards,


This is something we are considering but have not committed to coding.

There are other users that currently use ODBC to connect to Sybase IQ. Right now what is the feature you miss out on when using the TDA ODBC provider when connecting to IQ?


I entered enhancement request 77957. I’ll see if I can schedule for TDA 3.0. (No guarantees at this point but I’ll push it for you and the rest of the IQ crowd)



Thanks, Debbie.

Actually what I miss of TDA not having native Sybase IQ support is that this would save me the work of having to install drivers and configure ODBC conection for IQ in every client machine.

Not a big issue!!! Just wanted to point this out… :slight_smile:

Thanks again for the reply, and for taking my observation into consideration for future TDA versions.

Best regards!!


Good point!


Another thing to miss using ODBC instead of native Sybase IQ: Named parameters in Query :slight_smile:


Actually, we have added named parameters for ODBC in version 2.7. (coming soon to your local pc :))