SQL-Error when comparing a single object

When comparing a single object in a 19.0 DB I get the error message "-904 Table or view not found" since the last beta and the combo box "Object Type" remains empty.
But in a 12.2 DB it still works.

Thanks Stefan, I see that. Will fix.

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Fixed in the latest beta.

The problem is only half solved, the error message no longer appears if version 19 is addressed on the source side, but still on the target side

And if something like this is done in the Object Compare, why is the schema of the source always automatically selected at the target, although another, open connection is selected.
It would be better to always choose the logon schema.

Hi Stefan,

I see. There was actually a 2nd error in there. We can't query against SYS.ALL_JOBS, it has to be just ALL_JOBS due to some Oracle weirdness. This will be fixed in the next beta.

Regarding the selection of the target schema, the idea is that the source and target objects are likely to be in the same schema of 2 different databases. But I understand how this might not be the case for everyone. You may know this, but to switch a schema dropdown to the login schema, you don't have to make it dropdown. You can right-click and choose "jump to ". I could add an option to default to login schema instead.

This is fixed in the beta