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SQL gives an ORA-01435 error

I can connect to the DB without error and see my schemas. I can move the table in to the DB explorer and see the columns. I can click on the Data and it will run and give me data. Then I go to the query builder and add the table and click to add a column to the list, then choose a value for that column, everything is fine. When I click run query I get that error…according to the DB the account is not locked. Thanks…


It sounds like the query is being generated incorrectly. Are you using a native oracle connection and not ODBC? If you are using ODBC please change.

After that go to the query tab and see if you see any highlighting pointing to the error in the SQL. Are the tables and columns schema referenced (fully qualitfied)? If not, right click on the Query Builder and choose ‘Options’. The top two options are to schema reference tables and columns. Please select those and regenerate the Query.

If this does not resolved please send a screenshot of the query in the query tab.


so it looks like I’m using the native client. there is no highlighting to show possible problems and the option are set for FQC. See Attached

thanks for the assist…
SQL.doc (120 KB)

I do not see any issues with the SQL you display in the Query Builder. There must be a different query (other than the querybuilder query) that is causing the error. I have attached a SQL Monitor for Oracle SQL.

  1. Unzip the file anywhere
  2. start TDA and connect
  3. then go to the monitor and select the Toad.exe.
  4. Create the error
  5. Save the content of SQL Monitor and post.

Debbie (484 KB)

here is the output of the monitor - thanks again Debbie
SQL Output.TXT (5.14 KB)

It doesn’t like the filter you are using. I tried the '’ like you are using but didn’t have issues. However, in your environment this is where the error is. We do an alter schema to the current schema. In this case the "" is not valid and throws the ora-1435 error. The work around would be to not use this filter.

Runtime error occurred: 1435 (O)

I will enter a CR for this and fix for a future release.


that is kind of a bummer because sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t…I posted here about not being able to see the schema’s and found using the “*” I could see the tables. But now I can’t run queries against them…Kind of bizarre…thanks for the help Debbie-I appreciate it and I’ll keep playing. And thanks for putting this in the system…


CR number is 91629.

Sounds like we should try and debug why you can’t see the schemas you want to. So are you saying that when you take out the “*” schema filter you do not see the PRODDTA schema? What is in the list of schemas? Or you can see PRODDTA but
F4211 is not displayed? Is F4211 a materialized view, synonym, or some specific kind of table?

When in the Object Explorer, with the filter that does show you the table, what does the script tab say? (You may not have privileges for this, but basically I am looking for the DDL for F4211)


when I connect to JDRO, I click on the tables tab and there is nothing in that object area. It’s only when I click on the “*” that I get any tables…


when I drag 4211 into the db explorer and click on scripts this is the info…

The requested database object information has not been retrieved.

Object information is retrieved by SYS.DBMS_METADATA.

Check to see that you have privileges for this package.


so I may not have answered the question correctly, I am still learning the names of the certain areas. so, when connect nothing shows in the object browser area. when I click on the pulldown for W459 which you guys may be calling the schema pull down I see what looks like all the user names for proddta DB…does that make sense?


Question Answered and Completed…I knew it had to be pilot error…and since there isn’t anybody here to train me on this puppy it has been a fun ride…so, once I connect I was looking for tables in the lower area. BUT what I needed to do was change the schema to PRODDTA and I was looking for the tables in that list…and my queries seem to work…wow, that was fun…Debbie, I really appreciate the time you look looking into things…thanks again…


I am glad this got resolved.