v10.1.1.8, Schema browser, Refresh data, Access violation at address 00000000

I’m regularly getting this when setting a script running in SQL*Plus from TOAD Editor and then checking the table its populating from the Schema Browser. Has only happened in version
Clicking OK, I then try and browse another table and get: ORA-24909: call in progress. Current operation cancelled.
OK again and I get: ORA-03114: not connected to ORACLE
OK again and it hangs on and endless Statement Processing window.
Anyone else get this happen?
Should I log it with Quest?

What version of Oracle? Have your DBA look in the alert log to see if
you’re getting an ORA-00600. If so, he’ll need to write down the
parameter values in the error message. What happens is that sometimes when an
internal Oracle issue causes an unknown exception – they are all reported
as an ORA-00600 in the alert log and trace file – but generally not shown
to live sessions. So as you progress you most often get the not connected

The reason I ask what version of Oracle is that 85% of the time it’s
simply that the server needs a bug fix or patch for a specific problem found by
that fix or patch. I’ve only see a few times where an ORA-04113 is
actually caused by a TOAD issue. So we need to eliminate this question first so
we can be sure that it’s not an Oracle issue that is being exposed by

I did a google on ora-24909, saw that it is sometimes caused by a bug in the client. Is that what you are using? If so, try a newer client.