SQL Nav shutdowm immediate when click on table

I have one Oracle database 8.1.7. Recently create a new schema. When I expand the table and double click to open any table, the sql nav software closed immediately. This never happen to any other database even same version. Sql nav is 5.1 version and I tried older version also having same problem.
Please help. Thanks.


I was trying to recreate the issue that you’re having, but I can’t get it to happen… Can you give me click-by-click instructions so that I can replicate the issue? If you can take a screenshot (ALT+Print Screen, paste into MS Paint) and post it as an attachment as well, that’d be helpful.


It is strange that this occurs on your newly created instance only. Can you detect any differences between your new Oracle instance as opposed to all others? Please set up SQL Nav tracing in the Preferences before you proceed with double clicking on table_name and upload the navlog0000 file to this forum as attachment. Thanks.

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