SQL Navigator 5.5 schema browser

Couple of logistic information
Program - SQL Navigator Standard edition

Windows XP Desktops
Database - Oracle 10g RAC

Having issues with a couple SQL Navigator 5.5 users, expanding the schema entry on the tree; the application doesn’t return and freezes on their desktop connecting to RAC database. However, when in a session to a 2nd RAC database, the schema entry expands quickly.

This looks to be a possible installation (silent) issue, due to the fact that the same user will log into a session on another dbusers installation to the same problem database and the schema expansion works perfectly fine. Also, as a DBA I log into a session as myself to the problem database on the problem user’s desktop and the schema expansion does not work for me either.

I’m not familiar with the program to determine what to look into on the registry or any log files that the program may be generating to find the error.



Hi Tony,

Please check View > Preferences and the Options pane on the Oracle logon to see if the option ‘Enable uding DBA dictionary views’ is On. If it is, try turning it off and see if it makes a difference in the performance.


This did not fix the problem. I’m curious why the enable would work with 1 rac database, but not the other. Again, for clarification… this is to expand the all schemas branch of the tree on the left hand panel.

Hi Tony,

You can try the SQL Monitor to capture the query fired by Nav. Maybe it will help explain the lagging.

  • Loginto the database and open the SQL Navigator tree
  • Start > Programs >SQL Navigator > SQL Monitor
  • Check the sqlnav program on the left hand pane
  • Go back to nav and expand the all schemas branch
  • back to sql monitor and save the query into a file
  • Clear out the sql monitor and repeat the same steps for the DB that works
    Please remember that it will capture whatever query that is fired by sqlnav. So make sure not to check the program until you’re ready to expand the node.