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SQL Navigator 6.0 - Unable to install.


Well, I see that the new release uses some kind of a fancy new installer. Bad news is that does not work at all (at least when I’m trying to install ‘Client’ version as I used to do with 5.5).
Am I doing something wrong?


Are you installing the trial or the commercial release (from SupportLink)?



Also, unless you have a corresponding server installation of SQL Nav on your network, I’d suggest doing a “Full” install. The nomenclature may be confusing… if you’re using SQL Navigator just on your desktop/laptop, do a full install. However, if you’re doing a network installation where the product is managed on the server, then you should install the client portion of the product (as it seems you have done in the past).

For most people, the full install is what you’re looking for.



All right, that’s what ended up doing at the end and it installed fine.
I used the commercial version from SupportLink.

Now, how I’m supposed to report issues/bugs I found?

So far I’ve noticed that on the results tab both right and left mouse clicks on the column header trigger asc/desc sorting, the ‘copy column name’ option is gone. Also right/left clicks change width of columns.
And the row order changes if I switch back and forth between 2 editor windows.
‘Reset grouping’ resets width of all columns to minimum if ‘default column formatting is selected’


I don’t know if this is what you are reffering to, but if you press F-9 it orders 1 way, if you press F-5 it seems to order a different way. It almost seems to be a desc when it is F-5, but if you press F-9 the Column header sort goes away, I believe this is expected. As for the Right and Left Click on the column header, it has been reported and is in the issue list, if you need to copy the column header right click on a data cell under the header you want, there is a copy column heading in that list…


The problem with ‘Reset grouping’ will be fixed.
I cannot reproduce the one where row order changes if switching back and forth between editor windows. More details?