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SQL Navigator 6.7 Run Button

We’ve recently had our machines changed from XP to Windows 7 and SQL Navigator has also been upgraded to version 6.7.

Everything works about it except the green run arrow which used to be alongside the Pause (Suspend Current Task) and Stop Current Task buttons has disappeared. I’ve checked all the menu options and there doesn’t appear to be any way to select it for the menu. Is there any way to get it back?

Thanks in advance

Hi There,

Do you update from v5.5? We have move that run button into code editor toolbar after v5.5.

Is that what you are looking for? Please let us know how you go, thanks.

Best Regards,


Hi Shirly,

I see it is on the code editor toolbar.

But I'm used to seeing it on the sessions toolbar. Is there any way to put it back on there?

I keep clicking it and it's not there!



Hi Doogie,

Sorry I’m afraid we don’t have a way to put it back currently. :frowning:

But I have raised an issue SQLNAV-1488 as an enhancement for it, will discuss with our team later see if we can consider to move it back.

Any other issue please feel free to let us know.