SQL Navigator 6.x - wrapped code deformed in the Code Editor


In the version 6.x (I’ve checked both official ver.: 6.1.1 and 6.2.1) the wrapped code isn’t correctly shown anymore (worked fine in v4.4 and 5.x) in the Code Editor. Once you acces to the object via CTRL+click_on_the_object or even directly from DB navigator the code is deformed, I would say: even more wrapped ;-).
Here’s an example of the same procedure opened in the newest Navi 6.2.1:

9 :2 11

And the same procedure shown in the Navi 5.5:

/* $Header:: /Src-6.5.1/server/rKillOs.sql 4 1.0.4 27.09.08 15:54 $ */
rKillOs wrapped

So as you can see, we’ve lost the possibility to easily check the wrapped source origin.

In fact, there’s at least 2 workarounds:

  1. Extract DDL works fine
  2. Direct access to the source code stored in the DB with the query:
    SELECT *
    FROM all_source
    WHERE lower(name) = lower(‘rkillos’)
    ORDER BY line ASC;

But maybe there’s some other solutions (bit more comfortable) ?
Or, if it’s an issue, it’s previewed to be fixed soon?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


Hi Dominik,

There was no other work-around except for the one that you stated. There isn’t a target release for this bug yet. How much does this affect your job?


Hello Gwen,

Let’s say, even if we (there’s some dozens of programmers in my Company working with the SQL Navi) have to follow the workaround scenario many times a day (all sources we’re working on are wrapped), in the same time we’re using a lot of new features of v.6, which are helping us to save a lot of time during our daily work. So for sure, the version 6.x is the best and most stable one ever, and it’s worth to use it.
But if you have a possibility to raise an issue, please do it. I’m sure that the solution is quite simple and one of the reasons why we’re posting our problems on this forum, is to make our favorite SQL tool better and better…
We’ll be very glad to find the solution in one of the future versions.


Hi Dominik,

Your feedbacks are much appreciated. I just wanted to determine how urgent this issue is. It will be fixed soon.