procedures in a valid package red displayed

Some procedures in a valid package are red displayed. Navigation doesn’t function correctly on this procedures. The code functions correctly. What can be the ground for it?

Hi Mahoni,

Could you please give us some more information (i.e screenshot, the version you’re using and possibly the extracted DDL of the package) so we can reproduce this problem?

Thanks for your help

Could you send us the source for the package?


I use SQL Navigator Unfortunately i am not allowed to send the code. The package is big and not beautiful :slight_smile: There are a lot of under procedure which have again under procedures.

Procedures on the top don’t have any problem. Procedures on the bottom are rot displayed and there is an exclamation mark on p(). (in code explorer)

Maho, please follow the link provided by Pitor and let us know if your invalid procedure contains multi-line comment. If it’s the same, you can rest assure that this problem has been handled in 6.0 Beta
Otherwise, we can’t do much because we don’t know the details of the package and it’s impossible to identify what causes the problem.

Thanks for replies. We have multilines comments. (but not like in the other bug).

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