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Sql Navigator 7.2.0 Save File problem

In 7.2.0 version of SQL Navigator, when I am editing a package from the database and do a File->Save, it is saving this file in unix format and not PC format. My older version of SQL Navigator would save the file in PC format. How can I change 7.2.0 to save the file in PC format, instead of unix format?

Hi Kit,

I guess you can use the drop-down list on Save dialog to choice your needed format.

Hi Alan, I had previously tried each of the drop-downs. They all save in unix format. When I open the file back up in Notepad, it just wraps.

I do not see this problem in the latest version of TOAD. Unfortunately, the formatter in TOAD places the formatted description line above the CREATE OR REPLACE line and therefore is not saved in the database compile. Whereas the formatter in SQL Navigator places the formatted description line below the CREATE OR REPLACE. As I can’t figure out how to change TOAD formatter, I’m having to utilize both tools just to format and then save the file for deployment.

Please provide an answer to this problem. `

Hi Kit,

Thanks for your feedback, I have created a enhancement(SQLNAV-1955:Save storied objects to file can’t keep format) to you.

Besides, I find it can be opened correctly by Notepad++ or UtralEdit, so maybe it ca

be as a temporary alternative for you.