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CTRL+Click jumps to package SPEC not BODY

Can’t seem to find anyone else talking about this on forum previously.

If I have some code where a package.procedure is called and I CTRL+MouseClick on the procedure name:

NOW it jumps to the procedure in the package specification.

But if I remember correctly, in earlier versions (< 5.5), the cursor jumped to the procedure in the package body.

99% of times when I use this shortcut, I need to go to the BODY and this feature would be very convenient.

This is intended to be that way?

Maybe a new check in Preferences? Ctrl+Click jumps to: Body/Spec? :wink:

Hi Martin,

I have raised SQLNAV-1568 for you, we will consider to add an option in preference, once implemented will let you know. By the way there is a short cut key to make you change btw spec and body, which is Ctrl+Shift+Arrow Up/Down button, see if that would help.

One more thing would like to let you know is that, we fix an issue in this area, the change is to make it jump to the exact position of the procedure in the package spec when use ctrl+click, previously it just jump to the pkg but didn’t focus to the pro/func. The change will be available in the next beta drop soon, you can have a try then. :wink:



Yes, I read yesterday about the Ctrl+Shift+Arrow in:…/4118.aspx

This shortcut also may be useful.

But it would be really nice if I could jump directly to the BODY, because most of the times I don’t need to know what’s in the the SPEC :wink:

I second this. It is hardly useful to jump to the spec, when you can get all you wanna know about the spec by jumping to the right place in the body. This was the behaviour in 6.7 and is my biggest annoyance with 7.0+ so far. The ctrl+shift+arrow hotkey does help though, just gonna have to get used to it I guess :slight_smile:

Hi Martin and asbjorn.lucassen,

We add an option in preference: Code Editor | SQL Scripts | Go to definition package programs. With this option you can choose to jump to package body or Spec as you like.

Please let us know if you are happy with the change. [:)]

BTW Martin, we are sorry to tell that the 64 bit in win8 is still a problem at present, please continue using 32 bit, it should work ok.



It works :slight_smile:

Though it seems that even if I have selected “Open Body”, the first thing that is opened, is the spec and only afterwards - the Body is opened. And that takes time (~ 1 sec in my testcase) - to switch from the SPEC to BODY and find the exact position.

My suggestion is to REALLY open the BODY and not care about the spec.

Anyway, now it is better than before :wink:

I have to say Martin is our best QA. [:D] Thanks for your contribution, really.

For this jump issue we noticed it, and I have talked with Vincent about it before as well, he confirmed there is some risk and it would take some time to make it works as we expected. As we have some other more urgent issues need to be included in 7.1, this one is targeted to later release.

So just ignore the 1 sec please and enjoy some coffee in that time. [;)]