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SQL Navigator versus TOAD


I use SQL Navigator from (at least) the year 2000 (version 4.0 I think).

3years ago after some contact with Quest personal in a conference I madethe decision to continue with SQL Navigator or migrating to TOAD.
Now (again) I must face the decision of TOAD vs SQL Navigator.

I amposting this in a SQL Navigator forum because I want the opinions of people that work with SQL Navigator. (an maybe these option will be more pro-SQL navigator)

I’m very addicted to SQL Navigator but …



I’ve used TOAD (and TOra) at a previous employer and I found migrating to SQLNav quite painless. The other way around is probably just as easy…


I would guess this is a decision only you and your department can make, but as an option rather than trying to convert to TOAD, maybe using Sql Developer (an Oracle Provided tool) would be a consideration. Rather than convert use this to “augment” navigator. I have used toad but it was over 8 years ago and can not comment on it… I can tell you the sql developer is a far site short of navigator, but may fill in some gaps?


I try SQL Developer but the development time increases…

I am a fan of SQL Navigator but my last impression is that with TOAD you get more value (For instance the schema compare)


3 year ago I didn’t find it easy to migrate to TOAD…but now SQLNav is getting more and like TOAD in the layout I think will be easier


At this point both tools can pretty much do the same thing, just in different ways. If you are used to SQL Nav then stay with it. If you’ve learned where everything is and what the hot keys are then I wouldn’t switch to TOAD because you won’t be as productive - for a while anyway.

It may come down to what your employer has purchased. Some employers may not want to buy licenses both products and may force you to use one or the other. Fortunately my employer gives is the option of 4-5 sql tools like SQLNav, TOAD, Embarcadaro etc.

In my opinion SQLNav takes fewer key strokes to accomplish the same thing in TOAD - or I haven’t figured out how to do the same thing in TOAD yet.

I am a huge proponent of SQL Navigator because I can’t stand the look and feel of the TOAD UI. The folders on the left are painful and not intuitive like the navigator in SQLNav.

Good luck