What is point of Toad?

Hi, I’m just starting to use Toad and was wondering what is the point of using it compared to just using sql developer?


Hi smattiko,

That’s what’s known as a “loaded question”, when asking it in a Toad for Oracle forum. :slight_smile:

This subject comes up every other year or so, and it’s perfectly valid. You want the “best” tool for you. For some, it comes down to the software cost. For me, that software cost was offset by our time lost having to support SQL Developer. The main issue was Java. Since our main development tool also uses Java, there were constantly conflicts when attempting to resolve issues by “simply” upgrading Java on their PC. There were other reasons which may or may not have been resolved, many of which can be found by searching for “sql developer” in this forum. There’s also a whitepaper available from Quest that addresses your question at http://www.quest.com/techbrief/the-top-five-reasons-to-choose-toad-over-sql-developer812316.aspx

For me specifically, SQL Developer also has none of the features that the Toad for Oracle DBA Module has. Plus, the UI is far superior in Toad, IMHO. Of our 10 or so folks using Toad here, I’d wager there are 8 or 9 different visual configurations between them. Personally, I can’t stand the “tree” browsing that SQL Dev uses, especially on schemas with thousands of tables and indexes. While Toad does have the terrible trees, I can easily change it to the far-superior (don’t deny it, people!) multi-row tabs.

Finally, the Toad for Oracle folks at Quest are top notch. Don’t like something about the way Toad works? Join the beta and let your voice be heard! Or add a new feature request to the Idea Pond and let us all know how cool it would be here in this forum.

I’ve been using Toad for Oracle since it was T.O.A.D. shareware, version 3 or 4. Sure I try other Oracle SQL tools. And then I laugh, throw that tool away, and go back to Toad for a few years until the other tool thinks they can match up again. It’s been something like 18 years now (really?). Toad’s still the best for me. YMMV.



Rich, Rich, Rich … multirow tabs!!! Really!!!

If I recall correctly, Rich has a giant monitor and micro font. So if anyone has space for it, he does.

Thanks. I’m mainly going to be using it to query databases. Just trying to figure out why we use it.


:slight_smile: [B][B][B]

Well, I use it because it’s the best!

Plus, everything that Rich said.

Including the number of years!


Norm. [TeamT]

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