TKProf and SQL Nav 6.2


I just finished attending a SQL Tuning class where they used TOAD to bring up TKProf information. Does SQL Nav 6.2 have such an interface? If so, where is it hiding? If not, why not?

Which actually brings up another question: Is Quest planning to merge Toad and SQL Nav in the future? We are a mixed shop and cannot figure out why Quest offers two similar products (we prefer Nav).



When Quest bought TOAD it already had SQL Navigator.
I think it’s a marketing thing…but TOAD has several features that are lacking in SQL Nav.
Some say that TOAD is more for Administrators and SQLNav for Developers.
There was (I think) some layout review of TOAD and SQLNav to make it look more similar over the years.

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Hi Randy,

Filipe is correct. Toad is meant for Administrator while SQLNav is meant for developer. That may also explain why SQL Navigator doesn’t have TKProf. We currently don’t have any plan to merge these two products.