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"SQL Recall" missing Toad 12.9


in my normal windows account, the SQL Recall is not showing the objects - filter, edit etc. - see attached. When I log in to windows with another account, everything shows. Is this known to others, and is there a fix? I do store a number of saved queries, and recent queries. Perhaps a memory issue?

Perhaps related, but sometimes when opening the SQL Recall window (normally docked, but closed, not pinned open), I see a lot of video corruption - blacked out, and system performance suffers. I have a 32-GB Dell workstation. Closing windows presents dialogs which I cannot see the response button (OK, Cancel).

I am using the latest Toad,, on Windows 7-64 Enterprise.

Like most windows programs, settings are saved on a per-windows-user basis.

You can change the location of settings to a common location (in Toad that’s under Options -> General -> Application Data Directory) - , but even the setting that remembers where you store your settings is in a common location.

I did not test this, but I think these steps would work to have both users on the same :

  1. Log in as the windows user that has the settings that you want to keep.

  2. In Toad, go to Options -> General -> Application Data Directory.

  3. Change the folder there to a common location, and answer “Yes” to the prompts about copying files.

  4. shut down Toad after it restarts, log out of windows, and log in as the other user.

  5. Go to this folder: C:\Users<other user>\AppData\Roaming\Dell\Toad for Oracle, and edit the “SettingsLocations.ini” file with notepad. Find the AppData entry in there for whatever version of Toad you are using, and change it to specify the same path as you specified in 3).