SQL Recall not working at all in TOAD 15.1


when I go to the menu "View" an click SQL Recall, nothing happens. The same (nothing) happens when pressing the shortcut key.


Hi Rainer,

Please try this:

Shut down Toad if it is running.

  1. Zip up your user files folder and send it to me so I can try to figure out how this happened and how to prevent it.
  2. Edit your Toad.ini and remove these entries if they exist.
  3. Restart Toad and see if it's fixed.
  4. If it isn't fixed, shut down Toad again, and delete the files *MainFormLayout*.lay from your user files folder. This will reset your dock panels to default settings.



Hey John,

Is this related to F8 recall popup disappears?


Hi Rich,

Your "SQL recall disappearing" problem is fixed for 15.1, so I think this is something different. But it's entirely possible that I caused the problem with my change.


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Hi John,

  1. I prepared a zip of my user files - how can I send it to you?
  2. Removing the mentioned entries from toad.ini...
  3. ...did not fix the problem.
  4. Deleting the MainFormLayout.lay files did not fix the problem.



Hi Rainer,

Sorry, I forgot to include my email address. You can find it on this forum post.



Hi all,

I also had the problem of missing SQL Recall in the current official Release 15.1.
My solution was to delete some entries in the file
..AppData\Roaming\Quest Software\Toad for Oracle\15.1\User Files\Toad.ini


I don't know why but it helps.
Without these 3 lines the recall pane appears after starting.


@rainer.koenigs @ronny.klettke
You can solve the problem like this:

  1. Shut down Toad
  2. Edit SavedSQL.XML with notepad or other text editor
  3. Search for: category=""
    Replace with: category="Default"
  4. Save and exit
  5. Try Toad again

It will be fixed in the next beta.

Sorry John, the replacement of category="" by category="Default" doesn't solve the problem, but Ronnys suggestion with the deletion of the 3 lines (which are different from them you suggested yesterday) works!

Thanks to both of you!!!

Dang. I'm 0 for 2 here. Hopefully I'll at least be right about it being fixed next beta!

I'm sure you'll get that fixed :slight_smile:

Sorry, I've got a new issue in the SQL recall... :frowning:

When I want to group the results by "none", I get an access violation message and the recall is completely empty. When I change back to another grouping, everything is fine again.

This is actually the same bug as what you found earlier with SQL Recall not appearing. It will be fixed in today's beta.