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SSMS and Toad are giving me two different answers

I have a simple piece of code which returns 903 records when run in SSMS after 1hr of execution. Toad completes with 0 records in .7 seconds.

What configuration is stopping Toad from returning data? Is it a configuration item on Toad, or is it a configuration item on the database?

There are no error messages at all - nothing to go on. We’ve tried a couple different accounts, (sys admin, dbo…) all yield the same results - data on SSMS, nothing on Toad.

Querying some of the views through Toad and again - get 0 records returned, looking directly at the tables, we can see data.


Pretty much this turned out to be a non-issue. Peeling back the layers of views calling more views and we finally discovered a call to a table which had a list of “program name” which were allowed to query the data. Toad was not listed.