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Toad for SQL Server : version 6.1 seems like a serious regression

Hi all, this is my first post.

I want to know if others share the same point of view: with version, I see several regressions, the main one beeing:

  1. when I run 2 SELECTs in the same editor window in order to compare there efficiency, I always have the “Query cost(relative to the batch)” equal to 0%, making the tool unusable
  2. in the details panel, depencies tab seems to provide erroneous or incomplete results, which could lead to a disaster if you trust that
    As far as I remember those things where running fine with version 6.0.

Am I missing something ? Do you have the same issues ? Is that a vlountary regression in the free version ?

Thansk for your feedback

Hi there,

I recently moved to SQL 2014 however my Toad is version 6.1 and I have faced to “Fail Login” error on Toad since updating to 2014!

So, I tried to create a user base on SQL and Win Authentication so the Login fail error obviated however, another issue came up ! Toad cant load up the user mapped databases! So all objects even sys objects are not accessible even for Administrator!

What could be the solution?

Hi mehrdad,

TOAD for SS 6.1 doesn’t support SQL Server 2014.

Have you tried the new beta version of TOAD for SS 6.5 ?

It support SQL Server 2014, see this for details…/default.aspx .

Best regards,


I am not sure about previous versions of Toad for SQL Server as we just moved from DB Artisan for this. But I definitely agree that this version has a TON of bugs.

Did they have a complete rewrite for this version? I’m trying to figure out how they miss things like the popup windows aren’t sized correctly so you don’t even see the “OK” button. Or how the Job Manager crashes on most things that you try to do. etc.

Our DBAs are very disappointed in product thus far. We read lots of good things but i guess that only applied to previous versions. I hope the update release in October fixes a lot of things.