Stack Overflow Error

Good morning.

When I use more than one function in a query that brings up the associated
attributes of a table , TOAD crashes and gives me a stack overflow error. Is
there a setting that I’m missing somewhere?? I have new computer with tons
of speed and memory. I also increased the buffer size on my computer which no
luck. It doesn’t happen all of the time. When it does happen I have to
totally shutdown my computer. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks and have a great day!!

Sandy A. Litton

Assistant Director Financial Aid (Technology)

Eastern Illinois University

600 Lincoln Avenue

Charleston, IL 61920-3099

Ph: 217.581.7511

Fax: 217.581.6422

We need more information, for starters what version of Toad are you using?

The next time this happens you can capture the error log and use it to send here
or to Quest Support via the Help > Support Bundle.