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Starting TDM without installation

Recent time I reinstalled OS.
After running TDM.exe first time, splash appeared for a moment and error message after that. Message was: unable to write/create (whatever :wink: ) subdirectory … (some paths pointed to user profile, I believe: …AppData\Roaming\Quest Software\Toad Data Modeler)

After running the exe again, TDM has been started successfully.

I know it is some minor issue and TDM is intended to run after correct installation process. But maybe description of this behaviour will help in some way.

Hi Michal,

thanks for your findings, but it is definitely not a supported installation process.
Once when we will be about to focus on developing a portable version of Toad Data Modeler (or whatever the name will be at that time), we will get back to this.

Anyway, it’s strange it works like that for you as there are things written and read from registry…