Stats / summary for dataset

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Is it possible to retrieve the following stats from Toad Data Point each time when user exports the dataset into a CSV or excel file?

#Date/Time of execution (based on the system / DB host):
#Source DB(s):
#Connected user:
#Total no of records:
#Field Names:

Does such a feature exists in TDP already? Or is it a good candidate for the Idea Pond?

The Automation Designer in TDP does support variables, and some of the ones in your list are reserved already. The others you can retrieve through SQL, or other commands.

Note that there are tasks like "Set Variable", and "Set Variable Value" that show TDP reserved variables, or allow you to create/set your own variables. Snap 1 below shows the reserved variable (default) names, some of which are in your list, like row count, for example (Execute_1_RCOUNT).

Snap 2 below shows an example where the automation task may include a "(x)=" tool button, which allows you to access other variables and expressions, such as local timestamp.

Snap 3 shows an example where I executed a SQL Server command to capture the current database name being used, and assigned it to the variable "databasename". Any VALUE references from such variables need to be surrounded by a pair of "#", as in Snap 4, where I wanted to see the database name when my automation script runs.

Hope this helps.

Snap 1:

Snap 2:

Snap 3:

Snap 4:

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