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String variable send as arguments adding single quotes

I’m having an issue with toad adding quotes to argument when using the Run Program activity.

My variable formula calelled myDate = To_char(Current_date(), ‘YYYY-MM-DD’) .

my batch test batch command is simple.

@echo > C:\users\myuser\desktop%1.txt

if I run this from cmd line I do test.bat 2018-01-31 and a file with name 2018-01-31 gets created. but If I run this from toad with argument #myDate#

then a file with name ‘2018-01-31’ is created. the issue here is the toad is sending the date surround with single quotes. is there a way to not send these quotes?

I figured it out. I just surrounded the argument variable in double quotes like “#avar#” and that worked.