Support for ServiceNow ODBC connection

I think it would be a great idea to give support for access to ServiceNow ODBC interface. This interface is good because it gives the same level of access as you would already have using the WUI therefore redusing the likelyhood that you will not be granted access as could be the case if you use direct SQL interface.
The current ODBC interface is not working very well because the schema retrieval is buggy (don’t see all columns and tables but works fine when using MS Access). Could be a timeout or buffer size issue?

A demo instance of ServiceNow free of charge can be accessed by using this URL:!/program/developer

The Open ServiceNow Database Access (ODBC) driver provides read-only access to the databases associated with the instance of ServiceNow.

The ODBC driver complies with version 3.52 of the Microsoft ODBC core API. The ServiceNow ODN driver uses ServiceNow Web Services support to request only interfaces. The ODBC driver only supports instruction choices or read-only functions and does not modify instantaneous data. Because the ODBC driver uses a web service interface, platform-level access control (ACL) and data security are provided.